Demos of palette-mapped 3d terminal: Pm3d (1)

Pictures in this page were generated by gnuplot's "splot" command with using palette-mapped 3d terminal "pm3d", that have been developed by Dr. Petr Mikukik. You can see the scripts by clicking the pictures. Some more? Part(2), Part(3), Part_Lighting (new feature starting from ver.5.1)

Chained tori One of the most elementary shapes: a sphere.
A kind of Klein's Bottle. A heart
The "figure-8" form of the Klein bottle Things like a stool?
A glass using "glass.dat"
A whale in gnuplot's demo (in singular.dem)
The function z(x,y)=-x**3 + 3xy +y**3. A chart of Mandelbrot set. It is included gnuplot's demo (in surface1.dem).
A chart of Julia set.
See original scripts in Dr. Kono's web site.
A fractal fern.
Hmm... rather looks like tree branch.
A Virtual Seashells -- Natalina
Details: Virtual Seashells
A Virtual Seashells -- Turritella